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Application for certification Dive Supervisor

Application for certification VIA PORTAL
You have chosen certification.
From now on you can make this request via NDC-CI Portal.
Please read this information (or print it out) carefully before following the shortcut at the bottom of this page to the portal.
You apply for certification
To access the functions in the portal, you must choose registration after following the shortcut.
Register with your email address

  1. Select function “register”
  2. Enter your email address

You will be guided to a new screen and fill in:

3. I want to register : Candidate without certificate
4. I am an organization: None of the above
5. Click on Request PIN code
6. Check your mail and enter the PIN code sent
7. Fill in your personal details
8. Agree to the privacy statement and the processing statement
9. Click Submit Request
10. You are now registered.
11. You can now login with your password
12. You can submit your request in your dashboard under the menu certification.
If you have any questions, you can ask them specifically using the “service” button in the top right of the menu.
For assistance with logging in, you can always call during office hours: 070-2170980