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You have chosen recertification 4 yearly ‘Dive supervisor”.

From now on you can apply  using the NDC-CI Portal.

Please read this information carefully (or print it out) before following the shortcut at the end of this page to the portal.

You submit an application for recertification 4 year annual “Dive supervisor” and are in possession of an NDC-CI certificate.

Please check your personal data that is already in our system.

To access the functions in the portal, you must select the login option after following the shortcut. (registration is for candidates who do not yet have an NDC-CI certificate)


Log in with your email address (the email address known to us)

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Select function “reset password”

You will enter a new screen

  1. Select function “Request PIN code” (left mouse click on the text)

The PIN will be sent to the email address you entered

  1. Enter the sent PIN code
  2. Create a password
  3. Confirm the password

You will return to the login / register page

  1. Choose “login”

You can now log in with your email address and the newly created password.

You are now in the Portal.

In the tab Certificate holder menu, select the option “recertification” and follow the instructions of the Portal.

If you have any questions, you can ask them directly using the “service” button at the top right of the menu.

For assistance with logging in, you can always call during office hours: (+31) 70-2170980


If you choose the function “my certificates” in the menu, you will get an overview of your certificates. With the function “timeline” in the menu “my certificates” you can see which and when you need to take actions to keep your certificates valid.

You will be requested to upload your portfolio of your continuous professional experience, and proof that you passed a theoretical exam and a practical test under the supervision of a dive supervisor NDC-CI.

In the menu “personal menu” you can check and correct/update your personal data.

You can also choose the languages Dutch or English, in this menu. The E-mails will be sent to you in the chosen language.