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The Foundation SWOD functions over the entire field of activity of Working under Hyperbaric Conditions as the interface between the Ministry of SZW concerning Working Conditions. (See Section 5 Overview)

SWOD has its own website ( where amongst others; a “Public certification register” is maintained.

The field of activity consists of three sectors, namely the Civil sector, the Fire Service, and Defence. These sectors each have their own committee of experts wherein all interested parties per sector are united. SWOD is making optimum use of existing knowledge and expertise within these three sector committees. The three sector committees are represented on the board of SWOD.

Under the auspices of the board of SWOD functions the Central Committee of Experts (CCvD), which is made up of experienced professionals from the three sectors.

The three certifying bodies (CI’s) of the Civil sector, Defence and Fire Service advise the CCvD concerning verifiability of the certification schemes. The CCvD is responsible for the preparation and updating of the certification schemes and the “Working Conditions Catalogue Working under Hyperbaric Conditions”. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment then ratifies the updated certification schemes and reviews the Working Conditions Catalogue Working under Hyperbaric Conditions.

The CI’s together form a Central Examination committee. The objective is to ensure that each candidate is assessed on an equal basis for the certification scheme in question. For those certification schemes where multiple CI’s are involved, a central register of test questions and practice exams is available.

Field of activity specific certification programs

Diving doctor A + B
Diving supervisor
Diving work
Diver Medical Attendant
Diving supervisor Fire Service