News item Diving Medical Certificate non-EU

SWOD 2022/910

News item Diving Medical Certificate non-EU

SWOD Newsflash Ref 2021/746

BREXIT leads to revised government policy PoA for occasional/temporary work divers/diving supervisors from the United Kingdom

Since 1st October 2018 new certification scheme Professional Divers

On 27 July 2018, an amendment to Appendix XVc, the field-specific certification scheme for professional diving (WSCS WOD D) was published in the Dutch Government Gazette 41262. That means harmonization of the certification schemes Professional Diver and Fire Rescue Diver.
The scheme of professional diver has undergone a major change. Herewith we inform you about the changes for the civilian professional divers.

Appointment NDC-CI per 23rd February 2017

By decision of the Ministery of Social Affairs and Employment per 14th February 2017, 2017-0000014585, the Foundation Netherlands Diving Centre Certifying Institute - NDC-CI  - is appointed per 23rd February 2017 (till March 2021) as certifying institute for Working under Hyperbaric conditions.

The NDC-CI is competent for the issueing of professional qualifications as referred to in Article 6.14a, third paragraph of the Working Conditions Decision, article 6.16, third, sixth and seventh of the Working Conditions Decree. 

Specific Certification Schemes Working under Hyperbaric conditions

A: Diving doctor 

B: Diver medic  

D: Diver  

L: Dive Supervisor  

Gazette 9601 dated 22 February 2017