Conversion of HSE diving medical approval to DUTCH medical approval

SWOD 2022/876/PGDZ

Conversion of HSE MA1 diving medical approval to DUTCH diving medical approval

The DUTCH inspection guideline diving work, cf. earlier news item from SWOD, is basically a translation of the HSE MA1 The medical examination and assessment of commercial divers.

The diving medical examination is not related to professional competence, but a condition for diving. A different framework therefore applies to this compared to certificates of professional competence.

Due to Brexit, the rules for English divers have changed as of 1 January 2022. After recent consultation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, it has been determined that an English diver with an HSE MA1 medical approval can have it converted into a Dutch diving medical approval issued by an NL diver doctor.


The request is submitted to a Dutch recognized diver doctor B

The diver shows the HSE MA2 form, medical examination file.

The DUTCH diver doctor must physically see the inspector and can decide on additional operations if in doubt.

The end date of the NL approval is equal to the HSE diving medical approval.

Other EU diving medical examinations

For divers from the EU, who have a Proof of Assessment (40 days on an annual basis in the Netherlands), a diving medical approval from the country of origin is sufficient.  For this, there is sufficient certainty that this inspection is equivalent.

The SWOD Project Group Diving Medical Affairs has been asked to draw up a list of EU diving medical examinations that we consider equivalent. This assignment will be further elaborated in the coming period by the project group diving medical affairs. As soon as there is a definite answer, you will be informed by means of a news item.